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This seminar has been cancelled. Hopefully it will be given later this spring. 20 March 2012  Björn Olsen: The coming plague. In Future Animal Health and Welfare’s seminar series Future Perspectivesssor and senior physician in infectious diseases at Uppsala University and University Hospital.

Public lecture doctors

His main research interest is zoonotic infections in general and bird borne infections in particular. During the last fifteen years he has explored the circulation of influenza

A virus between wild birds, domestic birds and humans. Further, he studies the presence of anthropogenic and antibiotic resistant bacteria in nature and how these bacteria and genes circulate from human activities to wildlife and environmental matrices.

In 1998 Björn started the Centre for Zoonotic Ecology and Epidemiology at the Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden. He is also the chief editor of the recently launched open access journal “Infection Ecology and Epidemiology” that focuses on publishing papers with a “One World One Health” perspective.

More information is (or will be) available on the SLU website